How should "Series" credit be being used?

I assumed it meant books in a series (such as S. King's Dark Tower series or the Goosebumps books, for example).

However, I've seen that it is being used to group together book related to television series or film franchises:

Do we feel this is the correct use of the credit?

Whilst I can see the usefulness of group books about a specific cultural entity together (whether that be books about The Simpsons or Van Gogh) I personally feel that series is not the correct credit to do this with. It is too broad a use for a quite specific term.

Do we feel this is the correct use of the credit?

I don't personally see a problem (which is quite obvious as I'm one of the users who has been doing this), but I do understand if people want to use another credit. What credit would you suggest?

Perhaps "Franchise Series" or "Franchise" would be more accurate?

I assume what the common denominator between all star wars books is that they have official permission / endorsement from the Star Wars franchise, so that might be the key word in whatever credit is decided upon.

The only reason I raise it is because there is obviously two different ideas of "series" being used by Bibliogs user, one a much stricter idea of a book series and one a much broader idea of a series of books that can be grouped by an association with a much broader and open-ended cultural entity.

Perhaps "Franchise Series" or "Franchise" would be more accurate?

It would definitely apply to cases like Star Wars and The Simpsons. I'd probably prefer "Franchise" over "Franchise Series".

Would this also apply to for example RPG games like Warhammer 40K?
(There are both guides and novels based on the game)

What about cases like Harry Potter - which is a book series that has grown into a franchise?

I think I would say "yes" to all of the above, all of them would seem to count.

At least I have nothing against it. :)

Should we wait for more opinions, or just make a request in the credit role thread? I'm not quite sure about what the protocol here is because only a very small group of users is active in the forums.

Yeah, I think we should suggest it, why not?!

Alright, I added a suggestion to the thread with a link to this thread. We'll see what happens. :)

I am one of the contributors to the Simpsons and I like the idea of franchise as credit as well.

Great, thank you both!

But how to group books with subjects that the genre doesn't include?

Like Van Gogh?

Van Gogh is not a franchise like Star Wars or The Simpsons.

Maybe another credit like:
- topic
- subject or subject matter
- theme

In cases where the book contains van Gogh's art, I think you could use the "Artist" credit (I've been using that on my art books).

Though when the book is more of a biography, then there has been at least two suggestions (in ):
- Add a credit role, "About", "Subject", or something along the lines
- Add a separate field

I think both could work.

I know see we have an 'About / Subject' credit. I've started using this. Makes good sense.

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