Arthur C. Clarke's Venus Prime

Venus Prime is a series of six science fiction novels written by Paul Preuss, based on characters and locations in Arthur C. Clarke's short stories.

Volume 1: Breaking Strain - based on the 1949 short story "Breaking Strain") (1987)
Volume 2: Maelstrom - based on the 1965 short story "Maelstrom II") (1987)
Volume 3: Hide & Seek - based on the 1949 short story "Hide-and-Seek") (1989)
Volume 4: The Medusa Encounter - based on "A Meeting with Medusa") (1990)
Volume 5: The Diamond Moon - based on "Jupiter Five") (1990)
Volume 6: The Shining Ones - based on the 1964 short story "The Shining Ones") (1991)


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