"Spindulio" Spaustuvė

Established 1928 when previous "Švyturio" and Valstybinė printing houses were joined into one.
In 1939 a branch in Vilnius was built.
Nationalised in 1940 August, at same date "Vilties" printing house was joined into this one.
In nazi occupation era 1942-1944 was renamed to „Kauen-Vilnaer Verlag und Druckerei“.
In 1951 December 27th was renamed to "Karolio Požėlos Spaustuvė".
While reconstruction was held in 1962-1967, "Varpo" printing house was joined to this one, later it was joined to "Raidės" printing house instead.
In 1989 the original name "Spindulio" was returned.


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