Kostas Korsakas

Born 1909 October 5th in Pašvitinys, Pakruojo valsčius, died 1986 November 22nd in Vilnius – Lithuanian literature critic and researcher, poet, translator from Latvian. Was imprisoned for left wing political views in interbellum era, after USSR annexation of Lithuania took up important duties:

1940 - director of national news agency ELTA
1940–1941 m. director of national publishing house, part of editorial board of magazine „Raštai“

In WWII era 1941–1944 lived in exile in Russian SSR (Penza, Moscow). 1943–1944 m. editor of two issues of almanac-magazine „Pergalė“, in later years – part of editorial board. 1942–1944 leader of Lithuanian SSR writer's union organisational office, 1944–1945 m. chairman of management board.

1941, 1944–1947, 1948–1957 lecturer in Vilnius university, chief of literary department, from 1948 on professor, 1944–1945 dean of faculty of history and philology. 1946 member-correspondent of Lithuanian SSR Academy of Sciences, from 1949 on - full member. 1946–1952 - director of Institute of Lithuanian Literature. 1952–1984 - director of Institute of Lithuanian Language and Literature. 1963–1983 chairman of International commision to research relations of Slavs and Balts. 1965 - PhD in philology. In 1976–1984 - leader of commission of Lithuanian language of Lithuanian SSR academy of sciences.


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