Dave "Doc" Antrell

Dave "Doc" Antrell was a record collector whose doo-wop music collection he claimed was the second largest in the world. A medical doctor whose real name was David Anrobus, was also a musician. He recorded for a small label in Hollywood, Amaret. Later he started his own label, Antrell Records where he recorded several vocal harmony singles. One of his groups, the 5 Arcades, consisted entirely of Antrell save for one other voice.

In the late 80's he recorded Arthur Lee Maye singing "Moonlight" which led him to join forces with Bruce Patch of Classic Artists Records to record a number of R&B artists. Antrell wrote most of the songs and generally played piano and sometimes sang in the background and financed the recordings. He contributed many of his near mint singles from his collection to various reissue projects.

Died: February 23, 1995 of liver failure (age 46) near Valencia, California.


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