Carnacki the Ghost Finder

Series of occult detective stories written by William Hope Hodgson, featuring detective Thomas Carnacki.

The first six short stories were published between 1910 and 1912 in The Idler magazine and The New Magazine. They were collected for the first time in Carnacki, the Ghost Finder in 1913. Later editions have sometimes three more stories added to the collection.

Stories (in order of publication):
The Gateway of the Monster (1910)
The House Among the Laurels (1910)
The Whistling Room (1910)
The Horse of the Invisible (1910)
The Searcher of the End House (1910)
The Thing Invisible (1912)
• The Haunted Jarvee (1929)
The Hog (1947)
• The Find (1947)


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