Paul Ferrara

  • Born: (United States)

'The circumstances, the chance occurrences, the childhood experiences that shape our lives. I was born in South Central Los Angeles, California. In 1950 on my way to school, i heard a radio playing 'Rock Around The Clock' by Bill Haley and the Comets. Right then, i knew i was alive. I discovered fast cars, fast girls, surfing and a passion for acting and cinema that led me to the UCLA film school. I Was swept up and carried along in the cultural revolution of the sixties, Car clubs, Marilyn Monroe, free love, jazz, beatniks, Rock and Roll. From Hollywood to Big Sur, New Mexico, Thailand and back again , the journey has eclipsed the destination. In 1967 I became the Official photographer for 'The Doors', the future rock and roll legends that I had known at UCLA film school. The rest is history. Iconic photography of The Doors as well as my Paintings inspired by the Southwest and my Ranch for thirty years in New Mexico.'


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