David Roberts

British author, editor, writer and publishing consultant. Roberts worked for Guinness World Records (1975-2006) where he became associate director. His work there included editor on music, sport, natural history and leisure titles and design work.

In the mid-1990s, he was a content consultant to the National Centre for Popular Music. He was author of the Rock Atlas (Ovolo) in 2011 and managing editor in 2011-12 of the Rock Chronicles (Quarto Communications). He currently contributes a column to Prog magazine, authored Rock Stars Cars in 2016 and is now Editorial Director at Hornet Books. He also runs poppublishing.

It is unclear if all music writer credits, especially those prior to 2006, are the same person.

David Roberts (2) English ceramic artist and potter.
David Roberts (3) UK children's book illustrator since 1997.
David Roberts (4) UK based cartographer who works for publisher Dorling Kindersley.
David Roberts (5) UK based music journalist in late 1980s.
David Roberts (6) UK book designer and typesetter based in Pershore, Worcs.
David Roberts (7) Scottish painter (1796-1864), particularly of the near east and Egypt.


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