Paul Rosche

  • Born: (Germany)
  • Died: (Germany)

Paul Rosche was a German engineer known for his work at BMW. He is notable for designing the engines of a number of BMW's high-performance models, including the M31 found in the BMW 2002 Turbo, the S14 for the E30 M3, the M12 for the 320i Turbo and the Brabham BT52, the M88 in the M1 and the S70/2 found in the V12 LMR and the McLaren F1.

Rosche joined BMW immediately after his graduation, and became very skilled at calculating camshafts. He soon became a specialist in this task, earning the nickname "Nocken-Paul" (Camshaft Paul). He later became a technical director of the BMW M racing program.


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