• Formed: (United Kingdom)
  • Disbanded: (United Kingdom)

The band was founded in 1976 by singer / guitarist Alan Lee Shaw and drummer Rod Latter as a duo. Later they went to London. The band called themselves the quartet The Rings, who published the single I Wanna be Free at Chiswick Records. Bassist Robert Crash from New York joined the band in 1977, after which the band became the trio of the Maniacs from now on. They signed a contract with United Artists. Only four songs were then published in their six-month band history, two of them on the sampler Live at the Vortex at Nems Records. Chelsea 77 became a cult hit single.

Later the CD So Far so Loud was released by Overground Records, partly with original studio recordings, produced by Dave Goodman, who had already made the first recordings with The Sex Pistols in 1976, partly with recordings from a tasting room on Portobello Road in Notting Hill. After a so-called lightning career in the London Punk Underground, Robert Crash now directed more complex arrangements with a second guitar. No suitable bassist in the style of The Maniacs was found and Robert Crash was the first to leave the band.


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