Smith (3)

Smith was one part of the graffiti duo Sane Smith, composed of David Smith ("Sane") and his brother Roger Smith ("Smith").
They were among the most persistent taggers in New York during the 1980s. Sane & Smith are particularly notable for painting on the top level of New York's Brooklyn Bridge, after which they were sued by the City of New York for $3 million, the biggest lawsuit to date against graffiti writers.
In October 1990, Sane was found dead in the waters of Flushing Bay. Speculation about the reasons for his death were rife but inconclusive. It was believed he was a good swimmer. In February, aged 22, he had been arrested and had become the first graffiti writer in Manhattan to be formally accused of third-degree criminal mischief. The city dropped its lawsuit against Smith after Sane's death.

Roger Smith continued to paint as "Smith", collaborating with Chris Pape ("Freedom").
He is married to another graffiti artist, Lady Pink, with whom he often collaborates on murals and commercial work.


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