Feodor Machnow

Feodor Machnow (Russian: Фёдор Андреевич Махнов) or Fiodar Machnoŭ (Belarusian: Фёдар Андрэевіч Махноў) was born in 1878 at the village of Kasciuki near Viciebsk, then part of the Russian Empire (now in Belarus). Though exact details concerning his birth and real height are uncertain, Machnow eventually grew to a stature of 285 Centimetres and a weight of 365 pounds.
Machnow died in 1912 due to pneumonia and likely complications of Acromegaly although there are other versions of the story. Some believed he had been poisoned by rivals or envious competitors (Machnow was a rather well known wrestler), but no evidence for this is available. He was the father of four children none of whom reached a height greater than two meters.


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