H.J.W. Becht is a Dutch publisher. Herman Johan Wilhelm Becht (The Hague, 25 March 1862 - Amsterdam, 26 February 1922) started as a traveler for Van Holkema & Warendorf. In 1892 he established his own publishing house in Amsterdam. Regular writers whose work was published by Becht included Karl May and Top Naeff. Becht also published the children's book series De Vijf.

In 1992 the publisher celebrated its centenary. Today, H.J.W. Becht together with Uitgeverij J.H. Gottmer (1938) the Gottmer Uitgevers Groep, which is based in Haarlem. The name Becht has been preserved in the imprints (names under which the publisher publishes its publications) Altamira-Becht, for books about spirituality, and Becht, for books about hobby, leisure and lifestyle.


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