Asian Saga

Asian Saga is a series of six novels by James Clavell that deal with Europeans in Asia, and together explore the impact on East and West of the meeting of these two distinct civilizations.

Ordered by publication date:

• King Rat (1962)
• Tai-Pan (1966)
• Shōgun (1975)
Noble House (1981)
• Whirlwind (1986)
• Gai-Jin (1993)

Ordered by internal chronology:

• Shōgun: set in feudal Japan, 1600
• Tai-Pan: set in Hong Kong, 1841
• Gai-Jin: set in Japan, 1862
• King Rat: set in a Japanese POW camp, Singapore, 1945
• Noble House: set in Hong Kong, 1963
• Whirlwind: set in Iran, 1979


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