Die Angst sitzt neben Dir

Die Angst sitzt neben Dir (The fear is sitting next to you) is a German series of horror & thriller movie reviews,launched in 1990, by Frank Trebbin.
Each movie gets a short summary, the recension, a quality rating (0 [nothing but rubbish] - 5 [a must see]) and a violence rating (0 [suitable for young children] - 10 [gore galore]).
Six (selfpublished) books appeared from 1990 to 1996, the first one contained 1000 movies, the following volumes 500 each. In 1998, a collected (hardcover) edition was published.

As Trebbin was a recurring contributor to Splatting Image since 1992, he continued the series as a section in the magazine, starting with volume #45 (March 2001).

Since June 2012 Trebbin has a separate rubric in the Online-Filmdatenbank (OFDb.de) in which the entire collection can be accessed and he also publishes new reviews.


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