MCA Records

Music Corporation of America (MCA) was founded in Chicago in 1924 as a talent agency by Dr. Jules Stein and Mr. William R. Goodheart, Jr. and began to produce TV shows in the late 40s. In 1958 MCA acquired the Universal Studios property and also Paramount's pre-1948 film library for its MCA TV division.
In 1962, MCA's principal corporation, MCA Inc., acquired Decca Records, Inc. (the American Decca company), which had Brunswick and Coral imprints. "British Decca" then licensed recordings from American Decca for release on the Brunswick and Coral labels in the UK, until 1967, when British Decca began using the MCA Records brand for these releases. American Decca followed suit, turning completely into MCA Records in 1973. In the following years (and decades) MCA Inc. purchased several other labels (ABC Records, Geffen Records etc.) and formed the MCA Music Entertainment Group around MCA Records.


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