Szukits Könyvkiadó

The company behind the brand is Szukits Könyvkiadó Kft., started operations on 6 November 1929 in Szeged, founder was Szukits László, who worked in the book business from 1921. Within a few years, Szukits bookshops were opened in Budapest (1936) and Pécs (1937), led by the brothers of the founder Szukits Zoltán and Szukits Tibor.

A new start was made in 1984, when the founder's son, Szukits László opened an antique bookstore in Szeged, and later opened another in Pécs. After the change of regime, the private book publishing was possible again and as a result, this publisher's activities were restarted in 1992. Over the past two decades, the company has become one of the major players in the domestic book industry.

Currently the company is led by the founder's grandchildren, Szukits László and Szukits Gábor.

Imprint: Szukits Könyvek.


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