Kossuth Nyomda Rt.

Defunct Hungarian printing company.
Pallas Irodalmi és Nyomdai Részvénytársaság (Pallas Literary and Printing Company) which was founded on April 1, 1884, operated until 1945 as a printing and publishing company. In 1945, Szikra Irodalmi és Lapkiadó Nyomdai Rt. was received it together with the printing houses of Budapesti Hírlap és a Stádium Rt.. From 1950, operated with the name as "Budapesti Szikra Nyomda", from 1956 to 2006 it was known as Kossuth Nyomda. Because business organization reasons and transformations throughout the decades, the company used names as Kossuth Nyomda Rt. and later Kossuth Nyomda Zrt. as well.


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