Móra Ferenc Ifjúsági Könyvkiadó

Hungarian publisher since 1957. Móra Ferenc Ifjúsági Könyvkiadó was the successor of the Ifjúsági Könyvkiadó founded in 1950. The company took its new name in 1957 from the famous children’s author, Móra Ferenc and was the sole publisher of children’s literature in Hungary for several decades. Móra became a registered company in 1993. 250-300 titles and more than half a million copies are published a year. The backlist of more than 2,000 titles includes such recommended and compulsory school readings and classics of Hungarian and world literature
Its purpose is still primarily to publish children's and youth books.

During the decades the publishing company changed their names, now its titled officially as Móra Kiadó Zrt.

Imprints: Móra, Móra Kiadó, Móra Könyvkiadó, Móra Ferenc Könyvkiadó.

Series: Az én könyvtáram, A Sci-fi mesterei,
Búvár zsebkönyvek, Delfin könyvek,
Diákkönyvtár, Galaktika Fantasztikus Könyvek, Ifjúsági Kiskönyvtár, Képes történelem, Móra Klassz.

Periodicals: Galaktika (for a while).


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