Naumburg Master

The Naumburg Master (a notname) was an anonymous medieval stone sculptor.
His works date to the middle of the 13th century and are counted among the most important artworks of the European Middle Ages. The Naumburg Master very likely learned his craft in northern France in the heyday of the High Gothic style.
He was active in the towns of Noyon, Amiens, and Reims around 1225, and later possibly came to Metz in the Holy Roman Empire. Around 1230 he worked on Mainz Cathedral, where he created the fragmentary rood screen, including a sandstone relief of Saint Martin that became known as the Bassenheim Horseman.
Afterwards he traveled east along the Via Regia to the episcopal see of Naumburg, where the rebuilding of Naumburg Cathedral had started around 1210 and the Gothic west choir was added from about 1245-1250.


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