Bodenstein & Kirchhoff

Bodenstein & Kirchhoff is a series of novels written by Nele Neuhaus, featuring the detective duo Pia Kirchhoff (in later novels Pia Sander) and Oliver von Bodenstein. The breakthrough murder mystery was Snow White Must Die (Schneewittchen muss sterben) from 2010. The murder mysteries have created an enthusiastic fan base and made the author one of Germany’s most widely read crime writers. The TV films inspired by her Taunus murder mysteries have been seen by millions.

• Eine unbeliebte Frau (2006)
Mordsfreunde (2007)
Tiefe Wunden (2009) - English title: Ice Queen
Schneewittchen muss sterben (2010) - English title: Snow White Must Die
Wer Wind sät (2011)
Böser Wolf (2012) - First published in English as Bad Wolf, later published as Big Bad Wolf
Die Lebenden und die Toten (2014) - First published in English as I Am Your Judge, later published as To Catch a Killer
Im Wald (2016)
Muttertag (2018)


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