John Pink-Wildebeast

Credited in the magazine as John Pink / John Pink-Wildebeast aka John Apostle with an article on American evangelist Billy Graham, he also interviewed Psychic TV alongside the editor, Tom Vague.

Probably John Soares, aka John Travis, however see notes below.

NB. currently unclear where the pen-name John Pink-Wildebeast came from, though there is a 'Rosemary Pink' is also credited in the same magazine. However, to cause some confusion a John Wildebeest was posting comment's on the Kill Your Pet Puppy website in 2008. Unsure if its any relation but the person posting the messages is almost definitely not the successful producer. To add to the confusion Jonh Wilde also contributed to the 'zine (though he was never in The Apostles)...and lets not forget the fanzine writer of the similar era..Jon Beast!


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