Dragonriders of Pern

Dragonriders of Pern is a science fiction series written primarily by American-Irish author Anne McCaffrey, who initiated it in 1967. Beginning 2003, her son Todd McCaffrey has written Pern novels, both solo and jointly with Anne.

Original trilogy:
Dragonflight (1968; composed in part of McCaffrey's first two Pern novellas, Weyr Search and Dragonrider, originally published in 1967)
Dragonquest (1970)
The White Dragon (1978)

Harper Hall Trilogy:
Dragonsong (1976)
Dragonsinger (1977)
Dragondrums (1979)

Other Dragonriders of Pern related novels and short stories by Anne McCaffrey:
Moreta: Dragonlady of Pern (1983)
• Nerilka's Story (1986)
Dragonsdawn (1988)
• "The Impression", by Jody Lynn Nye and Anne McCaffrey (1989; short story)
The Renegades of Pern (1989)
• All the Weyrs of Pern (1991)
The Chronicles of Pern: First Fall, by Anne McCaffrey (1993 collection of five stories, two original): "The Survey: P.E.R.N." (originally published in 1993 as "The P.E.R.N. Survey"), "The Dolphins' Bell" (originally published in 1993), "The Ford of Red Hanrahan" (original to the collection), "The Second Weyr" (original to the collection), and "Rescue Run" (originally published in 1991)
• The Dolphins of Pern (1994)
• Red Star Rising (UK) / Dragonseye (USA) (1996)
• The Masterharper of Pern (1998)
• The Skies of Pern (2001)
• A Gift of Dragons (2002 collection of four stories, one original): "The Smallest Dragonboy" (1973; short story previously collected in Get Off the Unicorn), "The Girl Who Heard Dragons", (1986; cover story in The Girl Who Heard Dragons (1994)), "Runner of Pern" (1998 novella original to Legends: Short Novels by the Masters of Modern Fantasy), "Ever the Twain" (original to the collection), "Beyond Between" (2003 short story in Legends II: Short Novels By the Masters of Modern Fantasy)

Books by Todd McCaffrey or both:
• Dragon's Kin (2003, Anne and Todd McCaffrey)
• Dragonsblood (2005, Todd McCaffrey)
• Dragon's Fire (2006, Anne and Todd McCaffrey)
• Dragon Harper (2007, Anne and Todd McCaffrey)
• Dragonheart (2008, Todd McCaffrey)
• Dragongirl (2010, Todd McCaffrey)
• Dragon's Time (2011, Anne and Todd McCaffrey)
• Sky Dragons (2012, by Anne and Todd McCaffrey)


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