Moomins are a series of books and comics originally created by Finnish illustrator, writer, and artist Tove Jansson. The books were originally published in Swedish (which is the second official language of Finland).

The books:
Småtrollen och den stora översvämningen (1945, "The Moomins and the Great Flood")
Kometjakten (1946, also published as Kometen kommer, "Comet in Moominland" or "The Happy Moomins")
Trollkarlens hatt (1948, "Finn Family Moomintroll")
Muminpappans bravader (1950, also published as Muminpappans memoarer, "The Exploits of Moominpappa" or "Moominpappa's Memoirs")
Farlig midsommar (1954, "Moominsummer Madness")
Trollvinter (1957, "Moominland Midwinter")
Det osynliga barnet (1962, "Tales from Moominvalley", short story collection)
Pappan och havet (1965, "Moominpappa at Sea")
Sent i november (1970, "Moominvalley in November")

Picture books:
Hur gick det sen? (1952, "The Book about Moomin, Mymble and Little My")
Vem ska trösta knyttet? (1960, "Who Will Comfort Toffle?")
Den farliga resan (1977, "The Dangerous Journey")
Skurken i Muminhuset (1980)
• Visor från Mumindalen (1993)


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