Azazel (2)

Azazel is a character created by Isaac Asimov and featured in a series of fantasy short stories. Azazel is a two-centimeter-tall demon (or extraterrestrial), named after the Biblical demon.

• "The Two-Centimeter Demon" – written for the collection Azazel (1988)
• "One Night of Song"
• "The Smile That Loses"
• "To the Victor"
• "The Dim Rumble"
• "Saving Humanity"
• "A Matter of Principle"
• "The Evil Drink Does"
• "Writing Time"
• "Dashing Through the Snow"
• "Logic Is Logic"
• "He Travels the Fastest"
• "The Eye of the Beholder"
• "More Things in Heaven and Earth"
• "The Mind's Construction"
• "The Fights of Spring"
• "Galatea"
• "Flight of Fancy"


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