John Creasey

John Creasey, MBE (17 September 1908 – 9 June 1973) was an English crime and science fiction writer who wrote more than six hundred novels using twenty-eight different pseudonyms.

He wrote a number of series including:

• Bruce Murdoch (as Norman Deane)
• Commander George Gideon (as J.J. Maric)
• Department Z, Doctor Cellini (as Michael Halliday in the UK; as Kyle Hunt in the USA)
• Dr. Palfrey
• Fane Brothers (as Michael Halliday in the UK; as Jeremy York in the USA)
Inspector West
• Liberator (as Norman Deane)
Mark Kilby (as Robert Caine Frazer)
• Patrick Dawlish (as Gordon Ashe)
• Sexton Blake
• Superintendent Folly (as Jeremy York)
• The Baron (as Anthony Morton)
The Toff.

Some of his pseudonyms include:

Gordon Ashe; Henry St. John Cooper; Credo; Norman Deane; Robert Caine Frazer; Patrick Gill; Michael Halliday; Charles Hogarth (in collaboration with Ian Bowen); Brian Hope; Colin Hughes; Kyle Hunt; Abel Mann; Peter Manton; J.J. Marric; James Marsden; Richard Martin; Rodney Mattheson; Anthony Morton; Henry St. John; Martin Richard; Jeremy York


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