Vague #18/19: Control Data Manual


Main Details
Periodical Title Vague
Editor Tom Vague
Contributor Animal
Contributor Joe Ash
Contributor Bob Black
Contributor Chris Brook
Contributor Simon Collins
Contributor George Dorn
Contributor Mark Downham
Contributor Joan G.
Contributor David Gale
Contributor Caroline Grimshaw
Contributor Perry Harris
Contributor Thom Henvey
Contributor Jayne Houghton
Contributor Bob Kelly
Contributor Larry Law
Contributor Alistair Livingstone
Contributor Mick Mercer
Contributor John Michael
Contributor Richard North
Contributor Martin Parker
Contributor Pete Scott
Contributor Mark Stewart
Contributor Paul Stewart
Contributor Stringy
Contributor Chris Viz
Contributor Lucian K. Truscott IV
Contributor Church of the SubGenius
About/Subject Bilderberg Meetings
About/Subject Trilateral Commission
About/Subject Propaganda Due
About/Subject Michele Sindona
About/Subject Freemasonry
About/Subject Jack the Ripper
About/Subject Illuminati (2)
About/Subject Nazism
About/Subject John F. Kennedy
About/Subject Neoism
About/Subject Istvan Kantor
About/Subject Smile
About/Subject Monty Cantsin
About/Subject UFO: Unidentified Flying Object
About/Subject Scientology
About/Subject Charles Manson
About/Subject The Prisoner
About/Subject Situationism
About/Subject Subliminal stimuli
Identifying Codes
Issue Number 18/19
Format Zine
Publication Location UK
Page Count 147 pages
Language English
Notes Videodrome – Riot Control – Freemasons
Jack the Ripper – Illuminati – Nazis – UFOs
Mark Stewart – Robert Anton Wilson

Article from Lucian K. Truscott IV originally published in the Village Voice, version in Vague taken from IT #120 (Dec' 1971).

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