Vague #16/17: Psychic Terrorism Annual


Main Details
Periodical Title Vague
Editor Tom Vague
Contributor Alistair Livingstone
Contributor Anna Scheer
Contributor Chris Viz
Contributor Dave Lavolta
Contributor Fiona Sangster
Contributor Genesis P. Orridge*
Contributor Joan G.
Contributor Klaus Maek*
Contributor Manuela Rickers
Contributor Maria Burton
Contributor Mick Mercer
Contributor Monte Cazazza
Contributor Perry Harris
Contributor Pete Scott
Contributor Richard Kick
Contributor Rosemary Pink
Contributor Steve Just
Contributor Tony D
Contributor Keef
Contributor Puddie*
Contributor Simon*
Contributor John Pink-Wildebeast
Contributor Bollox
Contributor Bee
About/Subject John F. Kennedy
About/Subject Situationism
About/Subject If....
About/Subject Church of the SubGenius
About/Subject Paris Riots
About/Subject The Angry Brigade
Interview with/Interviewee Psychic TV
Interview with/Interviewee Klaus Maek*
About/Subject Decoder
About/Subject William S. Burroughs
About/Subject The Avengers
Identifying Codes
Issue Number 16/17
Price £1
Format Zine
Publication Location UK
Page Count 100 pages
Language English
Notes If…. – Situationists – Angry Brigade
Psychic TV – Decoder – Burroughs – Crowley
Berlin – JFK – Laibach – Miners strike


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