Gerd H. Heinrich

Synopsis of Nearctic Ichneumoninae Stenopneusticae with Reference to the Northeastern Region (Hymenoptera). Part IV: Synopsis of the Ichneumonini: Genera Chasmias, Neamblymorpha, Anisopygus, Limerodops, Eupalamus, Tricholabus, Pseudamblyteles, Eutanyacra, Ctenichneumon, Exephanes, Ectopimorpha, Pseudoamblyteles

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Main Details
Author Gerd H. Heinrich
Publisher Series Memoirs Of The Entomological Society Of Canada
Publisher The Entomological Society Of Canada
About/Subject Entomology
About/Subject Hymenoptera
About/Subject Ichneumonidae
About/Subject Taxonomy
First Printing
Identifying Codes
Volume Number 23
Format Monograph
Publication Location Canada
Page Count 134 pages
Language English
Original Language English


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