Steven Kotler

Tomorrowland: Our Journey From Science Fiction To Science Fact


Main Details
Author Steven Kotler
Cover/Jacket Design by Dave Stanton / Faceout Studio
Author photo/portrait Ryan Heffernan
Cover photo David Cox
Copyright Holder Steven Kotler
Imprint New Harvest
Publisher Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Published in/by Arrangement with Amazon Publishing
First Published
Identifying Codes
Barcode 9 780544 456211
ISBN 978-0-544-45621-1
Format Paperback
Publication Location US
Page Count 284 pages
Language English
Chapters The Future Is Here: An Introduction

Part One: The Future Is Here
Bionic Man: The World's First Bionic Man
The Genius Who Sticks Around Forever: The Science Of Mind Uploading
Extreme States: The Biology Of Spirituality
Evolution's Next Stage: The Future Of Evolution
Vision Quest: The World's First Artificial Vision Implant

Part Two: The Future Out There
Reengineering the Everglades: The World's First Terraforming Project
Buckaroo Banzai: The Arrival of Flying Cars
Meltdown or Mother Lode: The Possibilities of Nuclear Energy
Space Diving: The Future of Sport
Building a Better Mosquio: The World's First Genetically Engineered Creature
The Great Galactic Gold Rush: The Birth of the Asteroid Mining Industry

Part Three: The Future Uncertain
The Psychedelic Renaissance: The Radical World of Psychedelic Medicine
Sympathy for the Devil: The Troubled Science of Life Extension
The Final Frontier: The Politics of Stem Cells
Hacking the President's DNA: The Consequences of Playing God
The God of Sperm: The Controversial Future of Birth



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