Rob Boyle, Christian Lonsing

Sprawl Überlebenshandbuch

2003 (Copyright)

Main Details
Text by Eleanor Holmes
Text by Adam Jury
Text by Rob Boyle
Text by Drew Curtis
Text by Robyn King-Nitschke
Text by Lance Hawvermale
Text by Peter Taylor
Text by Elissa Carey
Text by Alexandre von Chestein
Text by Jakko Westerbekke
Text by Jens Ullrich
Editor Rob Boyle
Development Rob Boyle
Editor Christian Lonsing
Translated by André Wiesler
Typeset by Frank Werschke
Layout by/Layout Coordinator Frank Werschke
Copy Editor Frank Werschke
Cover Art by Jim Nelson
Illustrator Dave Allsop
Illustrator Eric Desideriu
Illustrator Marko Djurdjevic
Illustrator Kjell Eriksson (2)
Illustrator Chris Lewis
Illustrator Larry MacDougal
Illustrator Klaus Scherwinski
Illustrator Karl Waller
Other Önel Druck
Printed and Bound by Druckerei Krull GmbH*
Copyright Holder Fantasy Productions GmbH
Licensed from Wizkids LLC
Series Shadowrun Roleplay (German)
Copyright 2003
Identifying Codes
Series Number 10764
ISBN 10 3-89064-764-2
ISBN 13 978-3-89064-764-7
Price € 23,00
Price SFr 40,40
Format Paperback
Page Count 144 pages
Language German
Original Language English
Original Title Sprawl Survival Guide
Chapters (without sub-chapters)
Auf Den Punkt Gebracht
Leben In Den 60ern
Die Welt Ist Klein
Leben In Den Schatten
Notes Roleplay sourcebook to
Shadowrun 3.01D

Size (hwd/mm): 297 x 210 x 9

Leben In Den 60ern: Eleanor Holmes, Adam Jury
Die Welt Ist Klein: Lance Hawvermale, Peter Taylor
Leben In Den Schatten: Elissa Carey
Spielleiterinformationen: Rob Boyle, Alexandre von Chestein, Jakko Westerbekke, Eleanor Holmes, Adam Jury, Jens Ullrich

Credits note:
Other (Önel Druck) = Illumination


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