Matt Groening

Bart Simpson's Guide To Life

(First Published)

Main Details
Franchise The Simpsons
About/Subject The Simpsons
About/Subject Bart Simpson
Publisher HarperPerennial*
Author Matt Groening
Creator Matt Groening
Publisher HarperCollins Publishers, Inc.*
Printed by R.R. Donnelley & Sons*
Copyright Holder Matt Groening Productions, Inc.
Editor Wendy Wolf
Artist Cindy Sforza
Art Director/Editor Mili Smythe
Other Jamie Angell
Other Doug Whaley
Designed by Peter Alexander
Designed by Doug Whaley
Other Daniel Amante
Contributing Writer Peter Alexander
Contributing Writer Jamie Angell
Contributing Writer Ted Brock
Contributing Writer Eileen Campion
Contributing Writer Max Franke
Contributing Writer Jim Jensen
Contributing Writer Barbara McAdams
Contributing Writer Bill Morrison
Contributing Writer Mili Smythe
Contributing Writer Bill Morrison
Contributing Writer Mary Trainor
Contributing Writer Doug Whaley
Researcher Jim Jensen
Artist Bill Morrison
Artist Dale Hendrickson
Artist John Adam
Other Susan Grode*
Separations by Graphic Plus
First Published
Identifying Codes
ISBN 0-06-096975-X
Barcode 9 780060 969752
EAN 5 51395
Price $13.95 (US)
Price $20.00 (CAN)
Format Hardback
Publication Location United States of America
Language English
Notes Legal Guardian: Susan Grode
Computer Whiz: Daniel Amante
Logistical Overlord: Doug Whaley
Supreme Scrivener: Jamie Angell


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