Manek Daver

David Stone Martin - Jazz Graphics

(First Published)

Main Details
Author Manek Daver
Published in/by Arrangement with Graphic-sha Publishing Co., Ltd
About/Subject Jazz
About/Subject LP Cover Art
First Published
Identifying Codes
ISBN ISBN4-7661-0574-5
Format Soft cover
Publication Location Tokyo, Japan
Page Count 158 pages
Languages English, Japanese
Chapters 8
1. Acknowledgements [page 5]
2. Introduction [6]
3. An 'Overview' [10]
4. A 'Jazzview' [14]
5. The Drawing Style [24]
6. Jazz In Pen And Ink [by Dr. Martina Schmitz] [27]
7. The Record Covers [49]
8. A Portfolio Of Portraits [119]
Notes Authors note:
David Stone Martin is both the pioneer and the continuing style force of the pictorial design cover for grammophone records. From the start of the boxed 78rpm record sets and continuing into the LP, the David Stone Martin (more simply known as DSM) style was the pace setter. A force that other illustrators found increasingly difficult to be independant of


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