Roald Dahl

Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator


Main Details
Author Roald Dahl
Illustrator Joseph Schindelman
Imprint Alfred A. Knopf
Publisher Alfred A. Knopf, Inc.
Imprint Borzoi Books
Copyright Holder Roald Dahl
Copyright Holder (Illustrations) Alfred A. Knopf, Inc.
Distributed by/Director of Distribution Random House, Inc.
Identifying Codes
SBN 394-82472-5
Price $3.95
Library of Congress Classification Number PZ7.D515Ck3
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 72-2434
ISBN 10 0-394-82472-5
Format Hardback
Publication Location New York
Page Count 161 pages
Language English
Chapters 1 : Mr. Wonka Goes Too Far
2 : Space Hotel "U.S.A."
3 : The Link-Up
4 : The President
5 : Men from Mars
6 : Invitation to the White House
7 : Something Nasty in the Elevators
8 : The Vermicious Knids
9 : Gobbled Up
10 : Commuter Capsule in Trouble—Attack Number One
11 : The Battle of the Knids
12 : Back to the Chocolate Factory
13 : How Wonka-Vite was Invented
14 : Recipe for Wonka-Vite
15 : Good-bye Georgina
16 : Vita-Wonk and Minusland
17 : Rescue in Minusland
18 : The Oldest Person in the World
19 : The Babies Grow Up
20 : How to Get Someone Out of Bed
Notes "The further adventures of Charlie Bucket and Willie Wonka chocolate-maker extraordinary"

Back flap:
Printed in the U.S.A.

Copyright page:
Manufactured in the United States of America
First Edition


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