Martin Harry Greenberg*, Joseph Olander*

Science Fiction of the 50's

1979 (Copyright)

Main Details
Editor Martin Harry Greenberg*
Editor Joseph Olander*
Introduction by Martin Harry Greenberg*
Introduction by Joseph Olander*
Preface by Frederik Pohl
Afterword by Barry N. Malzberg
Cover Art by Gary Viskupic
Imprint Avon Books
Publisher The Hearst Corporation
Printed by Nelson Doubleday
Copyright Holder Martin Harry Greenberg*
Copyright Holder Joseph Olander*
Contributing Writer John D. MacDonald
Contributing Writer Katherine MacLean
Contributing Writer Kris Neville
Contributing Writer Fredric Brown
Contributing Writer Mack Reynolds
Contributing Writer Mark Clifton
Contributing Writer Jack Vance
Contributing Writer William Tenn
Contributing Writer Fritz Leiber
Contributing Writer Theodore Sturgeon
Contributing Writer Robert Abernathy
Contributing Writer Alfred Bester
Contributing Writer Margaret St. Clair
Contributing Writer Robert Sheckley
Contributing Writer Algis Budrys
Contributing Writer Frederik Pohl
Contributing Writer James Blish
Contributing Writer Damon Knight
Contributing Writer C. M. Kornbluth
Contributing Writer A. Bertram Chandler
Contributing Writer Poul Anderson
Contributing Writer Chan Davis
Copyright 1979
Printed 1980-01
Format Hardback
Publication Location New York, NY
Page Count 393 pages
Language English
Chapters xi • Preface, by Frederik Pohl
xv • Introduction, by Joseph D. Olander and Martin Harry Greenberg

1 • Spectator Sport, by John D. MacDonald
9 • Feedback, by Katherine MacLean
29 • Bettyann, by Kris Neville
71 • Dark Interlude, by Fredric Brown and Mack Reynolds
81 • What Have I Done?, by Mark Clifton
99 • DP!, by Jack Vance
121 • The Liberation of Earth, by William Tenn
141 • A Bad Day for Sales, by Fritz Leiber
149 • Saucer of Loneliness, by Theodore Sturgeon
163 • Heirs Apparent, by Robert Abernathy
187 • 5,271,009, by Alfred Bester
223 • Short in the Chest, by Margaret St. Clair
233 • The Academy, by Robert Sheckley
257 • Nobody Bothers Gus, by Algis Budrys
271 • Happy Birthday, Dear Jesus, by Frederik Pohl
295 • A Work of Art, by James Blish
313 • The Country of the Kind, by Damon Knight
327 • The Education of Tigress McCardle, by C. M. Kornbluth
339 • The Cage, by A. Bertram Chandler
353 • The Last of the Deliverers, by Poul Anderson
367 • Adrift on the Policy Level, by Chan Davis

387 • Afterword: Love O Careless Love, by Barry N. Malzberg
391 • Selected Bibliography
Notes First hardcover edition.

Book Club Edition printed by Nelson Doubleday for the Science Fiction Book Club. First printing has gutter code "K03" on page 392, indicating a printing in January 1980.

Title page gives book title as Science Fiction of the Fifties.


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