Thrilling Wonder Stories, June 1939


Main Details
Periodical Title Thrilling Wonder Stories
Publisher Better Publications, Inc.
Copyright Holder Better Publications, Inc.
Cover Artist Howard V. Brown
Illustrator Virgil Finlay
Illustrator Alex Schomburg
Illustrator Jack Binder
Illustrator Wesso*
Contributing Writer John Taine
Contributing Writer Otis Adelbert Kline
Contributing Writer Ray Cummings
Contributing Writer John Coleman Burroughs
Contributing Writer Hulbert Burroughs
Contributing Writer Eando Binder
Contributing Writer Jack Williamson
Contributing Writer Edward Elmer Smith, Ph..D*
Contributing Writer J. B. Walter
Contributing Writer David H. Keller, M.D.*
Contributing Writer Stanley G. Weinbaum
First Published
Identifying Codes
Volume Number XIII
Issue Number 3
Format Pulp Magazine
Publication Location New York, NY
Page Count 128 pages
Language English
Chapters 13 • The Ultimate Catalyst, by John Taine
30 • Stolen Centuries, by Otis Adelbert Kline
37 • The Story of the Cover, by Ray Cummings
38 • The Man Without a World, by John Coleman Burroughs and Hulbert Burroughs
53 • Moon of Intoxication, by Eando Binder
61 • Passage to Saturn, by Jack Williamson
63 • As Williamson Sees Himself
72 • Robot Nemesis, by Edward E. Smith
77 • Autobiography of E. E. Smith
85 • Meet Our Science Fiction Family
91 • Scientifacts: Incredible But True, by J. B. Walter
93 • No More Friction, by David H. Keller, M.D.
99 • Dawn of Flame, by Stanley G. Weinbaum
117 • Science Quiz
118 • If--The Moon Fell, by Jack Binder
120 • The Science Fiction League
126 • The Reader Speaks


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