Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories, August 1926

Main Details
Publisher The Constructive Publishing Corporation
Periodical Title Ghost Stories
Copyright Holder The Constructive Publishing Corporation
Printed by Art Color Printing Co.
Contributing Writer George William Wilder
Contributing Writer Gilbert Patten
Contributing Writer Eugene A. Clancy
Contributing Writer T. Howard Kelly
Contributing Writer Fulton Oursler
Contributing Writer Emil Raymond
Contributing Writer W. Adolphe Roberts
Contributing Writer Edwin A. Goewey
Contributing Writer Mark Mellen
Contributing Writer Margaret Oliphant
Contributing Writer Jack Bechdolt
Contributing Writer Grant Hubbard
Contributing Writer Walter W. Liggett
Identifying Codes
Volume Number 1
Issue Number 2
Format Bedsheet Magazine
Publication Location Dunellen, NJ
Page Count 96 pages
Language English
Chapters 7 • Are You Haunted by a Shadow?--Editorial, by George William Wilder
8 • The Return of Paul Genstare, by Gilbert Patten
13 • The Mystery of the Pilotless Plane, by Eugene A. Clancy
17 • The Ha'nts of Amelia Island, by T. Howard Kelly
22 • The Phantom of the Fifteenth Floor (Part 2 of 6), by Fulton Oursler
26 • Hidden in Hollow Men, by Emil Raymond
30 • Told by a Talking Table, by W. Adolphe Roberts
33 • The Man Who Killed a Ghost, by Edwin A. Goewey
37 • In the Grip of Edgar the Great, by Anita Fitzgerald and Mark Mellen
40 • The Open Door, by Margaret Oliphant
43 • Out of a Haunted Camera, by Jack Bechdolt
46 • The Girl Who Lived With the Dead (Part 2 of 4), by Grant Hubbard
49 • The Voice that Came Through the Night, by Walter W. Liggett

4 • $10,000 For a Ghost
64 • True Ghost Experiences
77 • Spirit Tales
Notes Bedsheet format pulp magazine.

Several stories are credited as having been written by one of the characters, "as told to" the author. Such "as told to" credits are not generally reflected in the magazine Table of Contents, and have not been reproduced above.

"In the Grip of Edgar the Great" is credited to "Anita Fitzgerald, as told to Mark Mellen" on the first page, and to "Anita Fitzgerald and Mark Mellen" in the Table of Contents. The joint credit as listed in the Table of Contents is reproduced in the list of Chapters above. Since Anita Fitzgerald is a character in the story, she is not included in the linked credits section.


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