Jonas Pilypaitis

Lietuvių Poezija I

(First Hardback Printing)

Main Details
Publisher Vaga
Printed and Bound by Valstybinė K. Požėlos Vardo Spaustuvė
Cover/Jacket Design by G. Karosas
Introduction by Antanas Venclova
Editorial Board Vytautas Kubilius
Editorial Board Justinas Marcinkevičius
Editorial Board Antanas Venclova
Editorial Board Vanda Zaborskaitė
Compiled by Vytautas Vanagas
Editor Jonas Pilypaitis
First Hardback Printing
Identifying Codes
Catalog Number 5272
Price 1 rb 41 kp
Format Hardback
Publication Location Vilnius
Page Count 627 pages
Language Lithuanian
Notes censorial no: LV 06979
printing order no: 790

print run 10000 copies


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