John Broven

South to Louisiana: the Music of the Cajun Bayous, 2nd Edition

(This Edition Published)

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Author John Broven
Publisher Pelican Publishing Company
Copyright Holder John Broven
About/Subject Cajun Music
About/Subject Zydeco
About/Subject Blues
About/Subject Swamp Pop
This Edition Published
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ISBN 10 9781455623655
Format e-Book
Publication Location Gretna, Louisiana
Language English
Chapters Introduction 
1 “That first record was ‘Allons A Lafayette’” 
2 “Harry Choates recorded ‘Jole Blon,’ that was another thing” . . . and Nathan Abshire’s “‘Pine Grove Blues’ was a record of crucial importance” 
3 “Recording was such a big thing—it was a thing of grandeur to us” 
4 “Well, I don’t know what it was; the man said it was Cajun music” 
5 “I was tickled to death; we were just a country outfit” 
6 “The music got more primitive as you came to the Southeast” 
7 “Rock ’n’ roll had taken over completely; I was shocked!” 
8 “Well, let the bon ton roula” 
9 “Blow your harmonica, son!” 
10 “Slim Harpo’s generation was awful rough on the black man” 
11 “I wonder what was bad about good blues music?” 
12 “Rhythm and blues had a big effect on the music down here” 
13 “See you later, alligator” 
14 “If you took a vote, ‘Mathilda’ would be the all-time South Louisiana smash” 
15 “‘This Should Go On Forever’ . . . I just knew it was a hit song”
16 “Tell the folks back home this is the promised land callin’” 
17 “I went into a fever, called the South Louisiana fever” 
18 “That ‘Sweet Dreams’ does not quit playing on the jukebox” 
19 “And now we’ve got a good representation of some of the early Cajun things” 
20 “When you go into J.D. Miller’s studio you have to cut perfect records” 
21 “I spent five years trying to find a Cajun band that could play rock ’n’ roll” 
22 “Why can’t I go into the record business and produce these guys?” 
23 “Then I wanted to get into the production end, build a studio, call it Montel Records” 
24 “Don’t mess with my toot toot” 
25 “So we really did wrong when we abolished that 45 rpm” 
26 “We’ve been saved by the indigenous Louisiana music culture” 


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