John A. Russo

Epidemic of the Living Dead

(First Printing)

Main Details
Author John A. Russo
Publisher Kensington Publishing Corp.
Cover/Jacket Design by Lou Malcangi
Cover Art by Bruce Emmett
First Printing
First Published In Paperback
Identifying Codes
ISBN 9781496716668
ISBN 10 1-4967-1666-3
ISBN 13 9781496716668
Format Paperback
Publication Location United States, United Kingdom
Page Count 268 pages
Language English
Notes From the screenwriter of the original 1968 Night of the Living Dead comes a shocking new wave of zombie mayhem to devour your dreams—and feed your nightmares . . .
They Are What They Eat

It starts with infected needles. It spreads like a plague. Soon the town of Chapel Grove, Pennsylvania, is overrun with cannibalistic corpses. Some are taken down with a bullet to the brain. Others, torched like kindling. But a few have survived—inside a maternity ward . . .


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