Kostas Korsakas

Prieš Amžinąjį Priešą

(First Paperback Printing)

Main Details
Author Kostas Korsakas
Publisher Valstybinė Grožinės Literatūros Leidykla
Printed and Bound by "Varpo" Spaustuvė
Cover Art by Telesforas Kulakauskas
Editor in Chief Valys Drazdauskas
First Paperback Printing
Identifying Codes
Catalog Number 9
Price Rb. 10,-
Format Paperback
Publication Location Kaunas
Page Count 213 pages
Language Lithuanian
Notes A study about anti-German and anti-nazi sentiments in literature and folk songs

Censorship no: :LV 01524
Printing house order no: 38

Print run 5000 copies


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