Plan B Magazine

Plan B Magazine 00

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Main Details
Periodical Title Plan B Magazine
About/Subject Chicks On Speed
About/Subject Cocorosie
About/Subject Graham Coxon
About/Subject The Von Bondies
About/Subject OOIOO
About/Subject The Mountain Goats
About/Subject Erase Errata
About/Subject Thurston Moore
About/Subject Jeffrey Lewis
About/Subject Klang
About/Subject Xiu Xiu
About/Subject Rammelzee
About/Subject The Hidden Cameras
About/Subject The Bronx
About/Subject The Cribs
About/Subject New Black
About/Subject Baby Dayliner
About/Subject Sunn O)))
About/Subject Electrelane
About/Subject Lightning Bolt
About/Subject Load Records
About/Subject Gravy Train!!!
About/Subject Kaito
About/Subject The Pastels
About/Subject Devendra Banhart
About/Subject Blonde Redhead
About/Subject Numbers
About/Subject Liars
About/Subject Fiery Furnaces
About/Subject Les Savy Fav
About/Subject The Streets
About/Subject Boredoms
About/Subject DAT Politics
About/Subject Brian Eno
About/Subject Junior Boys
About/Subject Joanna Newsom
About/Subject Fire Engines
About/Subject PJ Harvey
About/Subject Rephlex*
About/Subject Grime
About/Subject Sonic Youth
About/Subject Jonathan Richman
About/Subject The Saints
About/Subject Spektrum
About/Subject Stella Marrs
About/Subject Peanuts
About/Subject Suicide Circle
About/Subject Redd Kross
About/Subject computer games*
About/Subject Pirate Radio
About/Subject Miroslav Sasek
About/Subject Jim Tulley
About/Subject Nuisance
About/Subject Diplomacy
Editor in Chief Everett True
Art Director/Editor Andrew Clare
Photo/Picture Editor Sarah Bowles
Editor David McNamee
Features Editor Frances May Morgan
Media Editor Katrina Howat
Sub-Editor Sophie Heawood
Staff Writer Miss AMP
Staff Writer Neil Kulkarni
Publisher Chris Houghton
Publishing/Publisher's Assistant Richard Stacey
Advertising Janine Ellis
Advertising Melanie Kingsley
Advertising Colin Phillips
Marketing/Advertising James Nichols
Events Manager Anna Marie Fitzgerald
Web Editor Alex Capes
Contributor Frances May Morgan
Contributor Tim Footman
Contributor Gracelette
Contributor Robin Wilks
Contributor Manish Agarwal
Contributor Peter Bagge
Contributor Chris Ballard
Contributor Anil Bawa
Contributor Emily Bick
Contributor Olav Bjortomt
Contributor Always Black
Contributor Jim Cassius
Contributor Stevie Chick
Contributor Tim Chipping
Contributor Mia Clarke
Contributor Leonie Cooper
Contributor Jon Dale
Contributor Jonathan Falcone
Contributor Drew Farrell
Contributor Alistair Fitchett
Contributor Ian Fletcher
Contributor Kieron Gillen
Contributor Hannah Gregory
Contributor Eamon Hamilton
Contributor Rich Hopkins
Contributor Tim Jonze
Contributor Barry Kavanagh
Contributor kicking_k
Contributor Pil and Galia Kollectiv
Contributor Lady Lucy
Contributor Amy Liptrot
Contributor David Matheson
Contributor Shane Moritz
Contributor David Nichols
Contributor Kerry O'Sullivan
Contributor James Papademetrie
Contributor Taylor Parkes
Contributor Louis Pattison
Contributor Velimir Pavle Ilic
Contributor Charlie Phillips
Contributor Mark Pilkington
Contributor Dita di Prima
Contributor Michard Reltzer
Contributor Stewart Smith (2)
Contributor Ian Svenonius
Contributor Alex Van Vliet
Photography Mike Baluk
Photography Rebecca Chalkley
Photography Sanna Charles
Photography Becky Cross
Photography Simon Fernandez
Photography Steve Gullick
Photography Grant Peden
Photography Stuart Reidman
Photography Janice Robinson
Photography Cat Stevens
Photography Joe Tunis
Photography Anthony Wallace
Illustrator John Bagnall
Illustrator Lucy Bailey
Illustrator Mr Bingo
Illustrator Andrew Clare
Illustrator Phil Elliot
Illustrator Tom Genower
Illustrator Charles Redmond
Illustrator Marcus Oakley
Illustrator Robert Ramsden
Illustrator Till Thomas
Illustrator Vincent Vanoli
Illustrator Daryl Waller
Illustrator Lindsay Wright
Cover Art by Andrew Clare
Printed by Stones The Printers*
Distributed by/Director of Distribution Cargo (2)
Distributed by/Director of Distribution Worldwide
Cover Date
Identifying Codes
Issue Number 00
Price £2.95
ISSN 1744-2435
EAN 2 00
Barcode (EAN) 9 771744 243008
Format Magazine
Publication Location UK
Page Count 88 pages
Language English


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