David Goodis

Black Friday & Selected Stories


Main Details
Author David Goodis
Editor Adrian Wootton
Introduction by Adrian Wootton
Publisher Serpent's Tail
Copyright Holder The Estate of David Goodis*
Copyright Holder (Introduction/Prologue) Adrian Wootton
Identifying Codes
ISBN 1-85242-469-9
Format Paperback
Publication Location London, UK
Page Count 434 pages
Language English
Chapters vii...... Introduction, by Adrian Wootton

1........ Black Friday
168... The Dead Laugh Last (Ten Story Mystery Magazine, October 1942, as David Crewe)
183... Come to My Dying! (Ten Story Mystery Magazine, October 1942, as Logan C. Claybourne)
202... The case of the Laughing Queen (Ten Story Mystery Magazine, October 1942, as Lance Kermit)
226... Caravan to Tarim (Colliers, October 26, 1943)
246... It's a wise cadaver (New Detective, 1946)
255... The Time of Your Kill (New Detective, November 1948, as David Crewe)
260... Never Too Old to Burn (New Detective, January 1949, as Lance Kermit)
270... Man Without a Tongue (New Detective, October 1951, as David Crewe)
302... The Blue Sweetheart (Manhunt, April 1953)
329... Professional Man (Manhunt, October 1953)
363... Black Pudding (Manhunt, December 1953)
395... The Plunge (Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine, Vol. 3, no. 5, 1958)

421... Biography
423... Bibliography


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