Hammond Innes

The Blue Ice

(This Impression)

Main Details
Author Hammond Innes
Imprint Fontana
Cover Art by Paul Wright
Publisher Collins
First Published by William Collins Sons & Co Ltd*
Publisher Fontana Books
Manufacturing by William Collins Sons & Co Ltd*
Printed by William Collins Sons & Co Ltd*
This Impression
First Published
Identifying Codes
Catalog Number 4325
ISBN 0 00 614325 3
Price U.K. 85p
Price Australia $2.95*
Price New Zealand $2.95*
Price Canada $2.75
Price Rep. of Ireland 93½p
Impression/Printing No. 16
Format Paperback
Page Count 221 pages
Language English
Chapters I Going Foreign page 9
II The Gybe 27
III The Voice of "Hval Ti" 51
IV The Whaling Station 70
V Don't forget the Diver 96
VI Here lies the body 119
VII The Saeter Hut 150
VIII On the Sankt Paal Glacier 175
IX George Farnell 191
X The "Blaaisen" 208
Notes *recommended price

Cover illustration by Paul Wright

First published in 1948 by William Collins Sons & Co Ltd
First issued in Fontana Books 1954
Sixteenth Impression March 1979

Made and printed in Great Britain by William Collins Sons & Co Ltd, Glasgow


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