Philip Pullman

Northern Lights

(This Edition Published)

Main Details
Author Philip Pullman
Copyright Holder (Text) Philip Pullman
Copyright Holder (Illustrations) Philip Pullman
Series His Dark Materials
Imprint Scholastic Children's Books
Publisher Scholastic Ltd*
First Published by Scholastic Ltd*
Cover/Jacket Design by Black Sheep
Typeset by DP Photosetting
Printed by Cox and Wyman Ltd*
First Published
First Paperback Printing
This Edition Published
Identifying Codes
ISBN 0-590-66054-3
Barcode 9 780590 660549
Printer's Key 35 37 39 40 38 36 34
Price £6.99 UK
Format Paperback
Publication Location London
Page Count 399 pages
Language English
(H × W × D)
Chapters Contents:

Part One: Oxford
1 The Decanter of Tokay
2 The Idea of North
3 Lyra's Jordan
4 The Alethiometer
5 The Cocktail Party
6 The Throwing-Nets
7 John Faa
8 Frustration
9 The Spies

Part Two: Bolvangar
10 The Consul and the Bear
11 Armour
12 The Lost Boy
13 Fencing
14 Bolvangar Lights
15 The Dæmon-Cages
16 The Silver Guillotine
17 The Witches

Part Three: Svalbard
18 Fog and Ice
19 Captivity
20 À Outrance
21 Lord Asriel's Welcome
22 Betrayal
23 The Bridge to the Stars


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