Fleetwood Mac Music From 2 Hit Albums


Main Details
Publisher Columbia Pictures Publications
About/Subject Fleetwood Mac (1975 Album) Fleetwood Mac
About/Subject Fleetwood Mac
Music Composed by Stevie Nicks
Lyrics by Stevie Nicks
Music Composed by Christine McVie
Lyrics by Christine McVie
Music Composed by Lindsey Buckingham
Lyrics by Lindsey Buckingham
Performed by Fleetwood Mac
Photography Herbert W. Worthington III
Photography Sam Emerson
About/Subject Heroes Are Hard To Find (Album) Fleetwood Mac
Lyrics by Bob Welch (Musician)
Music Composed by Bob Welch (Musician)
Identifying Codes
Price $5.95
Catalog Number P00173SMX
Format Paperback
Publication Location U.S.A.
Page Count 86 pages
Language English


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