W. W. Jacobs

The Monkey's Paw and Other Tales of Mystery and the Macabre

(First Published)

Main Details
Compiled by Gary Hoppenstand
Introduction by Gary Hoppenstand
Publisher Academy Chicago Publishers
Author W. W. Jacobs
First Published
Format e-Book
Publication Location Chicago, Illinois
Language English
Chapters Introduction
Selected Bibliography

1 The Monkey's Paw
2 The Well
3 The Three Sisters
4 The Toll-House
5 Jerry Bundler
6 His Brother's Keeper
7 The Interruption
8 In the Library
9 Captain Rogers
10 The Lost Ship
11 Three at Table
12 The Brown Man's Servant
13 Over the Side
14 The Vigil
15 Sam's Ghost
16 In Mid-Atlantic
17 Twin Spirits
18 The Castaway


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