Tango In The Night


Main Details
Publisher Warner Bros. Publications Inc.
About/Subject Tango In The Night (Album)
About/Subject Fleetwood Mac
Music Composed by Stevie Nicks
Lyrics by Stevie Nicks
Music Composed by Christine McVie
Lyrics by Christine McVie
Music Composed by Lindsey Buckingham
Lyrics by Lindsey Buckingham
Music Composed by Richard Dashut
Lyrics by Richard Dashut
Performed by Fleetwood Mac
Lyrics by Eddy Quintela
Music Composed by Eddy Quintela
Photo Credit Greg Gorman
Music Composed by Sandy Stewart
Lyrics by Sandy Stewart
Photo Credit Sam Emerson
Photo Credit Neal Preston
Cover Art by Brett Livingston Strong
Photo Credit Herbert W. Worthington III
Identifying Codes
Price $10.95
Catalog Number VF1364
Format Paperback
Publication Location U.S.A.
Page Count 68 pages
Language English


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