Metal Hammer (2)

Metal Hammer Februar 2012

(This Edition Published)

Main Details
Periodical Title Metal Hammer (2)
Publisher Axel Springer Mediahouse München GmbH
Printed by Konradin/Heckel GmbH
Distributed by/Director of Distribution ASV Vertriebs GmbH
Editor in Chief Thorsten Zahn
About/Subject Lamb of God
About/Subject Black Sabbath
About/Subject Nasum
About/Subject Down
About/Subject Metallica
About/Subject Volbeat
About/Subject Iced Earth
About/Subject Unisonic
About/Subject Slayer
About/Subject Nightrage
About/Subject Willem Vanderbuyst
About/Subject Daniel "Fuchs" Täumel
About/Subject Scott Ian
About/Subject Pantera
About/Subject Souldrainer
About/Subject The Unguided
About/Subject Enter Shikari
About/Subject In Flames
About/Subject Uneven Structure
About/Subject Blind Guardian
About/Subject RAM
About/Subject Steelwing
About/Subject Cage
About/Subject High Spirits
About/Subject Primal Fear
About/Subject Iron Savior
About/Subject Voyager (2)
About/Subject Joe Petagno
About/Subject Lacuna Coil
About/Subject Swallow The Sun
About/Subject The Man-Eating Tree
About/Subject Alcest
About/Subject Lantlos
About/Subject Frasot
About/Subject Behemoth: Nergal*
About/Subject Abigail Williams (2)
About/Subject Aborted
About/Subject Suicidal Angels
About/Subject Encoffination
About/Subject Hull
About/Subject Re-Armed
About/Subject Nightwish - Imaginaerum*
About/Subject Holger Hübner
About/Subject In Extremo
About/Subject Subway To Sally
About/Subject J.B.O.
About/Subject Skindred
About/Subject Eindhoven Metal Meeting
About/Subject HateFest
About/Subject Thrash Fest
About/Subject Arch Enemy
About/Subject Morbid Angel
About/Subject Kvelertak
About/Subject Cathedral
About/Subject Premonition 13
About/Subject Mötley Crüe
About/Subject Def Leppard
About/Subject Steel Panther
About/Subject Smoke Blow
About/Subject Doro
About/Subject U.D.O.
About/Subject Sinner
About/Subject Jim Davis (2)
Cover Date
This Edition Published
Identifying Codes
Barcode 4 190911 504905
EAN 2 02
Price D. 4,90 €
Price CH: 9,50 sfr
Price A,B,L: 5,30 €
Price I: 6,70€
Price GR: 6,90 €
Price SLO: 5,80 €
Price HR: 55,00 Kn
Price CZ: 172,00 CZK
ISSN 1614-2292
Other B 09115
Format Magazine
Publication Location Germany
Page Count 140 pages
Language German
Notes with Poster: Black Sabbath | Nasum
incl. CD: Maximum Metal Vol. 170


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