Michael Moorcock

Best SF Stories from New Worlds 3

(First Published)

Main Details
Editor Michael Moorcock
Imprint Panther
Imprint Panther Books
Publisher Series Panther Science Fiction
Series Best SF Stories from New Worlds
Publisher Panther Books Ltd
Copyright Holder (Compilation) Michael Moorcock
First Published by New Worlds
Printed by Cox & Wyman Ltd
Introduction by Michael Moorcock
Contributing Writer George Collyn
Contributing Writer Brian W. Aldiss*
Contributing Writer Langdon Jones
Contributing Writer Peter Tate
Contributing Writer Charles Platt
Contributing Writer Pamela Zoline
Contributing Writer Keith Roberts
Contributing Writer George MacBeth
Contributing Writer James Sallis
Contributing Writer P. F. Woods
Contributing Writer James Colvin
First Published
Identifying Codes
Catalog Number 24956
Series Number 3
Price United Kingdom 3/6 Australia 60c New Zealand 45c South Africa 45c
Format Mass-Market Paperback
Publication Location London
Page Count 157 pages
Language English
Chapters Introduction by Michael Moorcock
In Passage of the Sun by George Collyn
Multi-Value Motorway by Brian W. Aldiss
The Great Clock by Langdon Jones
The Post-Mortem People by Peter Tate
The Disaster Story by Charles Platt
The Heat Death of the Universe by Pamela Zoline
Coranda by Keith Roberts
The Soft World Sequence by George MacBeth
Kazoo by James Sallis
Integrity by P. F. Woods
The Mountain by James Colvin
Notes These stories were originally printed in New Worlds 1966-1967.

The Soft World Sequence by George MacBeth is a poem.


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